Faux Leather For Upholstery

​Penche presents an artificial leather upholstery collection once a year in May, tailored to a variety of industrial, residential and contract markets serving homes, hotels and conference halls, hospitals,yachts and marinas.

Consumer’s values have been changing and new technologies have increased the strength and quality of synthetic leathers, which means that, not only is faux leather one of the most durable,comfortable and ethical upholstery materials, but-- whether we’re seated in a living room armchair,lobby restaurant or at the aft of a sailboat-- it is also increasingly likely that we’re sitting on it.

Faux leather is becoming more and more attractive to consumers because it is more affordable,more durable, scratch, stain and scrape-resistant, spill-proof and weather-proof. It won’t easily crack,peel or fade and it’s low-maintenance: easy to clean with a damp cloth and easy to cut and sew.Penche’s leathers are also certified to the highest standards in the world and meet the stringent requirements of every industry in which they are used.

While our production is built to serve our customer’s specific creative direction, we seek out original designs that feature subtle variations in grain, gloss, and pigment. To artificial leathers that have the soft, supple hand of the real thing, we apply high-fidelity hues that can be matched to anything from a swatch to the rind of an apple.

Our most recent additions are the Outdoor & Marin collection and the Contract collection which are both good-looking and high-performance.